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Trading212 Free Share Worth up to £100!

Updated: Feb 20

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What is Trading212?

Trading212 is a commission free, stock trading and investment app, much like Freetrade and Orca. Trading212 has the best free coverage, including a huge range of both UK and US stocks.

How do I get my reward?

Follow these simple instructions to get your hands on a Trading212 free share:

  1. Download the app using this Trading212 referral link, or use the Trading212 referral code 'Guwu6ZRA' in the promo code section if you have already downloaded the app, and created an account.

  2. Deposit a minimum of £1 into your account (you will be able to withdraw this without charge later).

  3. After your deposit has cleared, your account will be credited with a free stock worth up to £100 immediately.

More details on the referral scheme can be found on the Trading212 website.

Does this really work?

I downloaded the Trading212 app, verified my account and deposited £1 immediately. My referral link did not work initially, so I had to enter a referral code directly in the Trading212 app, and my account was immediately credited with a free share of Uber worth over £40!

Free share proof

Your share can be sold immediately, so I made £41.78 for less than 10 minutes active effort. The only downside is the bonus money cannot be withdawn for 30 days, so you cannot use your reward immediately, but this is a minor inconvenience is the grand scheme of things. This is by far the most profitable offer I have done, especially considering how quick and simple the sign up process was.

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