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Is Numbrs PayDay Legit: A Review

Updated: May 15

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What is Numbrs?

If you've found this review, chances are you're trying to find out more about the weekly €50000 Numbrs PayDay. I promise this review will move onto that very soon but, first, what is Numbrs?

Numbrs describes itself as a smart wallet for your financial health. It provides highly personalised insights into your finances using AI technology, allowing you to combine all of your bank accounts, cryptocurrency wallets and loyalty cards in a single place in order to analyse all your individual transactions and help you understand your spending, your savings, and even your job!

Numbrs is a paid service, offering two subscription options:

  • £10.99 a month (with a 7-day free trial)

  • £83.99 a month (with a 14-day free trial)

However, you do not need to pay anything to enter the PayDay - more on that below!

What is the Numbrs PayDay?

The Numbrs PayDay happens every Friday, and offers users the opportunity to win a share of €50000, every week! Prizes range from multiple €10 rewards, all the way up to one lucky €10000 ticket, and amongst the people I follow on Instagram it seems you are more likely to win than not* (*there is no official comments regarding this online though!)

Regardless of which subscription you choose to sign up, you will earn one free ticket to the next Numbrs PayDay. In order to obtain a ticket to any subsequent Numbrs PayDays, you need to succesfully refer at least one person to the app. Each referral in a single week gives you a greater chance at winning the €10000 top prize; it does not give you mutliple entries to the draw, so you will only win one amount.

Therefore, with the 14-day free trial alongside the yearly subscription, you get an additional free week to enter the €50000 draw, but you will need at least one referral to secure a ticket to that PayDay. If you are not interested in paying for the app, you can cancel the subscription immediately and still use it for the duration of the trial (you must cancel in the app store, rather than directly in the app). If you do pay for a subscription, you can continue to enter the €50000 PayDays through succesful referrals each week.

Where can I get a Numbrs referral link?

Follow these simple steps to secure your entry into this week's €50000 Numbrs Payday:

  1. Sign up to Numbrs using my personal Numbrs referral link.

  2. Open the newly dowloaded app, and follow the instructions to verify identity and create an account.

  3. Link one of your bank accounts to the PayDay app.

  4. In the top right of the homepage, there should be a small box reading 'PayDay'. Click on this and scroll down to see your ticket confirmed for the PayDay that Friday.

  5. On this page, you will also find your own Numbrs referral link, which you will need to share with your friends, family, or on social media to improve your chances of winning, and enter future PayDays.

More details on the Numbrs Payday referral scheme can be found on the Official Numbrs Website.

Is the Numbrs PayDay legit?

So you're probably wondering if the weekly €50000 Numbrs Payday is legit. Maybe it sounds too goo to be true.

Numbrs Payday Winner Email

Well, I signed up last week, and referred an additional friend to the app, earning me two tickets to the Friday Numbrs PayDay on 7th May. At around midday, I got an email confirming I was a winner, and I hopped onto the Numbrs app to see I'd won €20 in my first ever entry. Obviously this is on the smaller end of the possible rewards, but beer money is beer money and the reward was deposited into my linked bank account by 5pm the same day.

I have also seen a few people I follow on Instagram win prizes from €20 to €100, and somebody was even lucky enough to grab themselves the €4000 reward a couple of weeks ago - it really pays out!

Get FREE entry to the next €50000 Numbrs PayDay

Remember, you need to sign up to Numbrs using a Numbrs referral link to secure your free entry into the next PayDay draw!

Drop me a message on Instagram @beermoneyoffers if you have any questions!

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