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Is 20 Cogs Real? Make Extra Money In The UK

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Is 20 Cogs Real?

15 offers down, £43.51 up, and in all honesty, it had been a pretty comfortable so far. At the beginning of this offer journey, the questions 'Is 20 Cogs legit?', 'Is 20 Cogs a scam' and 'Is 20 Cogs real?' were very much at the forefront of my mind as I spent £1 on lottery tickets, or took 20 minutes to complete a survey. Now, with only 5 cogs left to turn that sweet green, all of my reservations had gone. Well, most of them; I still hadn't cashed out after all. Unfortunately, there were are no remaining Amazon free trials left beyond Cog 15, so I had to work a bit harder for my earnings, but there are still plenty of tips and tricks for completing the final five waiting for you in the rest of this guide.

So go, read on, complete those cogs, and I will catch up with you at the end!

How To Make Extra Money In The UK With 20 Cogs

The Last Cogs

Cog 16

Offer: Get your first Graze box for £1.99

Type: Cashback Purchase

Completion Time: 10 minutes

Confirmation Time: 7 days

Profit: £4 (should have been £2.01 but I got a bit lucky)


BeerMoneyOffers Comments: So this was a bit of a strange offer, and I wouldn't assume you'll get the same luck as I did. I created an account with Graze, ordered my first box, and then closed my account immediately as I believed my order had been confirmed. After 7 days, the cashback had confirmed, but the box had not arrived so I checked my Graze account, and the order no longer existed. Checked my bank account, and no money had been taken. So, an extra £1.99 profit, which I can't complain about, though I would only go in with the expectation of a £2.01 cashback bonus if I were you.

Cog 17

Offer: Acorn TV Free Trial

Type: Free Trial

Completion Time: 5 minutes

Confirmation Time: 30 days

Profit: £2.50


BeerMoneyOffers Comments: Back to a nice and easy offer where you should be able to skirt around the Ts&Cs and save yourself the hassle of remembering to cancel your free trial. I cancelled on the same day as I started my free trial, much like I did with all the Amazon offers, and although it took the full 30 days to see whether the gamble had paid off, the cog did indeed confirm a succesful payout.

Cog 18

Offer: Smol Laundry Free Trial

Type: Cashback Purchase

Completion Time: 10 minutes

Confirmation Time: 30 days

Profit: £0.50


BeerMoneyOffers Comments: Sign up. Pay for product. Wait for cashback confirmation. Cancel free trial. I love it when an offer is that simple. Unfortunately, the profit on this cog is as low as it gets, but it takes no longer than 10 minutes, and you get 9 free laundry capsules alongside it! Once you have made your initial £1 trial purchase, just delay your next order to at least 30 days into the future, which gives sufficient time for your cashback to confirm. Then simply drop them an email asking to cancel your plan, or, if you liked the product, you can continue to get some reaosnably priced laundry pods delivered to your house instead.

Cog 19

Offer: Giffgaff Free Sim

Type: Free Cashback

Completion Time: 5 minutes

Confirmation Time: 30 days

Profit: £0.50


BeerMoneyOffers Comments: When I saw this was the only offer on cog 19 I could even attempt, I thought it might be the end of the road. Had I reached the stage in the 20 Cogs journey where you find the answer to the question 'Is 20 Cogs real?' is not what you had hoped! I did not want to pay to switch to giffgaff, and go through the struggles of changing phones, but I didn't really have a choice. So I order a sim card. And I waited. The sim card arrived. And I waited. Alongside the 02 offer on cog 7, I was holding out for two 'miracles'. As you found out in part 2 of this series, those 'miracles' happened, and depsite the Ts&Cs again stating the sim will need to be activated, I got my reward. In fact, not a single shortcut I attempted on a free trial or purchase offer didn't work. I saved time, I saved money, and hopefully I can save you some frustration as well.

Cog 20

Offer: Sign up to Ohmydosh!

Type: Survey

Completion Time: 30 minutes

Confirmation Time: 7 days

Profit: £1.00


BeerMoneyOffers Comments: Ohmydosh is like 20Cogs little sister. In fact I think they are operated by the same company. Anyway, it seemed fitting for a shortcut on the final cog to work, and indeed it did, although it was not intentional. I signed up to Ohmydosh and completed a survey sign up as stated. The cog confirmed in 7 days, and I though nothing else of it until I came to write this blog, and I wanted to report the offer I had completed. So I checked, and the offer I attempted is still pending. So, I completed this cog without actually having to complete the offer as stated for the 8th time!

Is 20 Cogs Real? - My Final Thoughts

So that completes the journey. Only £9 profit for the final five, but that brings the 20 Cogs total in this guide up to £52.51. Over £50 profit, for just over 3 hours active completion time! Not bad at all! Less than 50% of the offers covered in this guide were completed correctly according to the Ts&Cs, but yet there was a 100% succesful completion rate, and I hope you can use at least some of the shortcuts covered in this guide to speed up your money-making journey with 20 Cogs.

This guide has covered the cogs that I personally completed, which focused on the low effort, small profit cogs, but there are plenty of casino/gambling offers worth £10+ which you can attempt if you do not already have accounts with the companies - unfortunately I did, so I could not take advantage of them. With those offers, you could definitely see your final earnings in the triple digits, pushing all the way up to £200.

I haven't actually cashed out yet, as I want to compete some more offers before I do (I believe you can only cash out once a year), but I can safely say that my answers to the three important questions - 'Is 20 Cogs legit?', 'Is 20 Cogs a scam?', 'Is 20 Cogs real?' - are the same. Oh wait, that doesn't quite work. The answers are different...but they mean the same...its the same conclusion...never mind. Let me put it this way, I have no doubt that 20 Cogs is an excellent place to make extra money from home in the UK, and would recommend the site to anybody looking to put an extra bit of cash in their pocket.

Remember, you can get a £5 sign up bonus when you sign up with my referral link.

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  3. Get a £5 bonus with 20 Cogs, and earn £200+!

Let me know in the comments, or via Instagram or Facebook, about your experience with 20 Cogs. Do you think 20 Cogs is legit? Or do you think 20 Cogs is scam? How many offers have you managed to complete? How have your earnings fared compared to mine? I'm sure some of you out there have managed over £200 profit!


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