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Is 20 Cogs Legit? Make Extra Money In The UK

Updated: Feb 24

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Is 20 Cogs Legit?

Is 20 Cogs a scam? Is 20 Cogs real? These are some of the top searched questions on Google around this site which advertises the opportunity to 'make money online from home' and 'make cash fast'.

20 Cogs definitely appears to divide opinion on the internet. Some see it as a great site to make extra money from home in the UK, and a 4.3 Trustpilot score seems to support that idea, but others, such as ReinventingNeesha, view the long payout times, unwanted purchases and tracking free trial cancellation dates as elements that aren't worth the hassle. Having now been signed up for 30 days, and seen all 20 of my cogs confirmed, I fall firmly into the first category.

Now, I'm here with Part 1 of the 'Is 20 Cogs Legit? Make Extra Money From Home' guide so you can speed through all 20 cogs efficiently and successfully, earning anywhere from £50 to £200+ in the process, all online and from home.

My 20 Cogs earnings as of 15/02/21:

My 20 Cogs current earnings balance

How To Make Extra Money In The UK With 20 Cogs

Getting Started

Before you get started completing your cogs, you need to create an account on their website. Sign up to 20 Cogs using my referral link to kick off your 20 Cogs journey with a £5 bonus immediately credited to your account. Sadly I found out about 20 Cogs through TopCashback and missed out on an extra £5 reward, so make sure you take advantage of it while you can! However, I got a friend to sign up to confirm the £5 bonus is real, and it is instantly credited on sign up.

Proof of £5 bonus

The Cogs Begin

Cog 1

Offer: Tell us a bit about yourself

Type: Survey

Completion Time: 2 minutes

Confirmation Time: < 24 hours

Profit: £5


Details for Cog 1

BeerMoneyOffers Comments: The offer for Cog 1 is the same for everybody, and it really is as simple as it sounds. Open up the survey, answer two questions, and another £5 is yours. That should be £10 confirmed within 2 minutes of signing up!

Cog 2

Offer: Save money with Pouch

Type: Extension Download

Completion Time: 5 minutes

Confirmation Time: 48 hours

Profit: £3


Detials for Cog 2

BeerMoneyOffers Comments: Signing up to Pouch was nice and easy, just simple installation of a browser extension (which also helps you to save money by finding online discount codes automatically, so 2 in 1 beer money offer there!) T&C's state membership must be held for 7 days, but my offer confirmed with 48 hours, so you should not need to have it installed for the whole week if you don't want - I have kept it beyond the 7 days, and grabbed myself a nice 10% off at Bloom and Wild for Valentines Day, which I would not have found otherwise.

Cog 3

Offer: LottoGo

Type: Cashback Purchase

Completion Time: 10 minutes

Confirmation Time: 30 days

Profit: £7


Details for Cog 3

BeerMoneyOffers Comments: I'll be honest, I was a little bit sceptical about this offer at first, and these appear to be the genre of offers which lead to people questioning whether 20 Cogs is legit, or a scam. However, to me, 7/1 profit seemed like a risk worth taking. Unfortunately, it had one of the longest confirmation times, but the cog did indeed turn green after 30 days and the £7 profit credited to my account. The T&C's state you have to be over 25 but I am 24 and had no issues with it at all (though that isn't a guarantee). Also, remember not to tick the 'auto renewal' box when signing up or you may be subject to unwanted charges.

Cog 4

Offer: Sign up to Product Testing

Type: Website Sign Up

Completion Time: 10 minutes

Confirmation Time: 48 hours

Profit: £1.50


Details for Cog 4

BeerMoneyOffers Comments: Another one of the very simple offers available, you just have to remember to confirm your email address through the link in the signup email to receive your £1.50. No deposit, speedy sign-up, quick confirmation, just breeze on through to Cog 5.

Cog 5

Offer: Get rewarded with Life Points Type: Survey

Completion Time: 30 minutes

Confirmation Time: 48 hours

Profit: £3.00


Details for Cog 5

BeerMoneyOffers Comments: One of the first cogs which requires a bit more time and effort to complete, as you need to follow the account creation with completion of at least 1 survey. Fortunately I had spent 3 years completing surveys on Points2Shop, and got very used to $0.25 surveys, so £3.00 for 30 minutes was big money in my opinion. Other than the time aspect, I had no issues at all with this offer, and it's always nice to see the cog turn green within the first 48 hours.

Is 20 Cogs Legit? - My First Impressions Summary

So my first 5 offers were a bit of a dream, collecting £19.50 profit in just under one hour of active completion time, with only one offer taking longer than 10 minutes to complete, and only one taking longer than 48 hours to confirm. Of course, at this stage it was impossible to determine whether 20 Cogs was legit or a scam - I hadn't completed 20 cogs and so hadn't been able to withdraw any of my earnings. In fact, I'll be honest with you, £5 sign up bonus and £5 for a 2 question survey did seem a little too good to be true, but with £20 unrealised profit in my account, I was determined to see it through until all 20 cogs turned green!

Remember, you can get a £5 sign up bonus when you sign up with my referral link.

You can also check out the other parts of the 'Is 20 Cogs Legit? Make Extra Money In The UK' series, to continue to follow my journey to over £50 profit:

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  2. Get a £5 bonus with 20 Cogs, and earn £200+!

Let me know in the comments, or via Instagram or Facebook, about your experience with 20 Cogs. Do you think 20 Cogs is legit? Or do you think 20 Cogs is scam? How many offers have you managed to complete? How have your earnings fared compared to mine? I'm sure some of you out there have managed over £200 profit!

Is 20 Cogs Legit? 20 Cogs TrustPilot Score

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