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Is 20 Cogs A Scam? Make Extra Money In The UK

Updated: Feb 26

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Is 20 Cogs A Scam?

Through this series, I am aiming to provide you with my answer to the internet's most prevalent (well, maybe not quite) question - 'Is 20 Cogs Legit?' Or is 20 Cogs in fact a scam? In the previous part of this guide, I introduced the basics details of 20 Cogs, and how it offers you the potential to make extra money in the UK in 2021. I covered the first 5 cogs I completed on my 20 Cogs journey, finishing with £19.50 profit in 1 hour of offer completion time, and I'm back to guide you through cogs 6 to 15, with all the profits, confirmation and completion times, and tips and tricks you need to know about in order to earn succesfully!

How To Make Extra Money In The UK With 20 Cogs

The Cogs Continue

Cog 6

Offer: Sign up to GFK Media

Type: Survey

Completion Time: 30 minutes

Confirmation Time: 7 days

Profit: £3


Cog 6 offer details

BeerMoneyOffers Comments: Unfortunately, as in football, one brings two, and cog 6 again required an additional survey to be completed in order to unlock the reward. However, finding a survey on the GFK site was nice and simple, and the offer was completed within half an hour; following that, you shouldn't have to wait longer than 7 days for the cog to turn green.

Cog 7

Offer: Get your O2 Free Sim

Completion Time: 5 minutes

Confirmation Time: 30 days

Profit: £3


Cog 7 offer details

BeerMoneyOffers Comments: So this is an offer which most 20 Cogs members will read the Ts&Cs of and skip right past, as it states you must activate the new sim card and switch your network provider, which would require additional payment for the initial top up. However, it was the only offer for Cog 7 I could attempt at the time, so I ordered a free sim card from O2 anyway, with no intention of activating it - I had nothing to lose! The package arrived within a week, I put it straight into my drawer, and waited. Every day the cog remained pending, I became more ready to accept the offer would not confirm, but on the 30th morning after ordering the sim card, the cog had indeed turned green, and it actually ended up being one of the easiest offers on the whole site! There's no guarantee ignoring the Ts&Cs will work for every offer, but I've managed to skirt around at least 4 offers I shouldnt have been able to complete!

Cog 8

Offer: Readly Sign Up

Completion Time: 10 minutes

Confirmation Time: 30 days

Profit: £4.01


Cog 8 offer details

BeerMoneyOffers Comments: This was the second offer I attempted that required some upfront payment, which, at the beginning, always made me question - is 20 Cogs legit, or is it a scam? It was also the first sign-up which I needed to remember to cancel, or it would end up costing me £9.99 extra, and wipe out all my profits. Having to remember to cancel numerous trials is one of the main issues people appear to have with 20 Cogs; however, I found adding cancellation date reminders into my phone calendar immediately after signing up meant I could rest easy until the final day of my subscription, then quickly log on and cancel. Avoiding offers which require some form of payment limits your potential earnings significantly, and I can confirm I had no issues with these offers not paying out rewards in the end.

Cogs 9 - 15

Offer: Amazon Free Trials

Completion Time: 5 minutes each (35 minutes total)

Confirmation Time: 48 hours

Profit: £2.00 each (£14.00 total)


Cog 9 offer details
Cogs 10 - 15 offer details

BeerMoneyOffers Comments: Cogs 9 to 15 are about as easy as it gets, so I grouped them all together in this guide - MGM, Hayu, Crime+ Investigation, BFI Player, Shudder, StarzPlay and Discovery Kids. Sign up to a new Amazon channel, forward the confirmation email to 20 Cogs, cancel the free trial immediately (despite what the Ts&Cs say, I cancelled all 7 of these trials within 10 minutes of sign up), wait around 48 hours and thats 35% of the cogs completed and confirmed. As Swizz Beatz way back in 2009 - 'On To The Next One'.

Is 20 Cogs A Scam? The Halftime Conclusion

Okay, so we're a little bit past the halfway stage at this point; the Amazon free trials worked a bit better than halftime oranges and we powered on through with a couple of quick goals in the second half. All in all, Cogs 6 to 15 brought in £24.01 profit in just over 1 hour of active completion time, again with only one offer taking longer than 10 minutes to complete, and the majority confirming with 48 hours! With only 5 cogs left to complete, my answer to the important question 'Is 20 Cogs legit?' had swung all the way towards 'yes' - a niggling doubt about 20 Cogs possibly being a scam when it came to cashing out remained, but I was glad I'd stuck with it for sure.

Remember, you can get a £5 sign up bonus when you sign up with my referral link.

Stay tuned for Part 3 of the 'Is 20 Cogs Legit? Make Extra Money In The UK' guide later in the week, where I will cover cogs 16 to 20, and you can continue to follow my journey to over £50 profit. You should also check out my previous 20 Cogs blog posts:

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Let me know in the comments, or via Instagram or Facebook, about your experience with 20 Cogs. Do you think 20 Cogs is legit? Or do you think 20 Cogs is scam? How many offers have you managed to complete? How have your earnings fared compared to mine? I'm sure some of you out there have managed over £200 profit!

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