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Freetrade Free Share Worth Up To £200!

Updated: Feb 20

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What is Freetrade?

Freetrade is a commission free, stock trading and investment app, covering a huge range of both UK and US stocks.

How do I get my Freetrade free share reward?

Follow these simple instructions to get your hands on a Freetrade free share reward:

  1. Download the Freetrade app using this Freetrade referral link. I am not aware of any opportunity to input a Freetrade referral code if you download the app directly from the App/Play Store, so make sure to use the Freetrade referral link.

  2. Once the app has installed, create and verify your account, and confirm US tax exemption through a W-8BEN form, as your free reward may be a US stock. You will be guided to do this automatically.

  3. Deposit a minimum of £1 into your account (you will be able to withdraw this without charge later).

  4. After your deposit has cleared, in up to 48 hours, your Freetrade account will be queued with a free share worth between £3 and £200, and issued in 7 to 10 days.

More details on the referral scheme can be found on the Freetrade website.

Does this really work?

I downloaded the Freetrade app, verified my account and deposited £1 immediately. Within 48 hours, I had a notification that my mystery free share had been queued. 5 days later, I opened my account to see:

Free share proof

A nice free share of Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) worth just over £5 when issued!

The share is available to sell for profit immediately, alongside your initial deposit, so I would be up £5 for less than 10 minutes active effort - if you're lucky, it could be £200 profit for you! However, I am going to hold my Freetrade free share for a while as I'm looking to get into investing and trading, and the commision free, unlimited instant trade element of Freetrade suggests it might be the ideal app for me.

Can I get more Freetrade free shares?

Absolutely! Once your Freetrade free share has been queued, you will receive your own Freetrade referral link to share with your friends, with the reward of an additional Freetrade free share for each person who signs up with your link!

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