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*Update* Orca Free Share, Worth Up To £200!

Updated: Feb 27

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What is Orca?

Orca is a new UK investment and trading app, designed to help users enter the world of investing, regardless of experience.

How do I get my Orca free share reward?

The Orca referral terms changed on Monday 25th January. Follow these simple instructions to get your hands on an Orca free share:

  1. Download the Orca app using this Orca referral link, or download the app from the App/Play Store and use code BVQ96 when prompted.

  2. Once the app has installed, create and verify your account.

  3. Purchase 3 separate assets on the site. It is important to note that each stock purchase is subject to a £1 transaction fee, so this will cost you £3.

  4. After you have purchased the 3 different stocks, your Orca free share, worth between £2 and £200, will be issued to your account within 4 days.

  5. After 30 days, you will be able to cash out your stock for cash! Again, this will incur a £1 transaction fee.

Unfortunately you are no longer guaranteed to make a profit from this offer, due to the requirement to purchase 3 different stocks, which will incur £6 in fees for buying and selling. Therefore, including the additional £1 selling fee, you would need an Orca free share worth over £7 to make some profit. This offer is more geared towards those who are looking for a new, long term trading or investment app to use.

Does this really work?

I signed up for Orca under the previous referral terms, meaning I got my Orca free share for simply deposting £50. 7 days after my depost, my free TUI share was issued to my account, alongside two shares of Tesco, which I received for referring two of my friends to the Orca app as well.

Free share proof

All of my free shares have been on the lower end of the range (not quite the £200 it could have been) but after the £1 transaction fees, ths would have been just over £6.08 profit (assuming no price changes for 30 days), for very little effort. However, I used my profit from my Orca free shares to purchase 3 different assets - Marstons, Greencore Group and Tullow Oil - to ensure that my referral link would work to provide you with your very own Orca free share.

The Orca App Review

I must admit I haven't used the Orca app very much since receiving my Orca free share. While it does have a vast range of UK stocks and a decent collection of worldwide ETF's, the inability to buy fractional shares and the lack of unlimited, commission free trades, put it far behind Freetrade and Trading212 in the investment app pecking order. On top of that, my Freetrade free share was worth £5, and my Trading212 free share worth £42, so I feel my luck with them is a bit greater.

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