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Curve Referral Code For £5 Cashback! (UPDATE)

Updated: Feb 20

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What is Curve?

Curve combines all of your accounts into a single card, allowing you to control your finances from one place and simplifying your money for the future.

How do I get my reward?

The Curve reward process has been updated as of February 2021, to include a minimum purchase of £5. Follow these simple instructions to get a Curve referral code and secure your £5 cashback bonus:

  1. Download the Curve app using this referral link, or download the app from the App/Play Store and use the Curve referral code D85QYGXD when prompted.

  2. Once the app has installed and your account has been verified, you will then receive your £5 cashback when you spend £5 or more on your Curve card, within 7 days. This can be done in a variety of ways:

  3. Make a purchase online using your Curve card details

  4. Attach your card to Google/Apple Pay and make a purchase in-store

  5. Order a physical Curve card on the app, and make an in-store purchase once you have received it

  6. Send money to another account you hold using Curve Send.

Does this really work?

I completed this offer before the £5 purchase rule was implemented in February 2021, but other than the offer should remain the same. I found a Curve referral code on Reddit, downloaded the Curve App and added my virtual card to my Google Pay wallet, and my £5 bonus was confirmed in my account immediately. I then went down to Tesco the following day to test the balance and got a 15p Christmas KitKat Santa completely free!

Reward proof

What are the benefits?

If you are interested in using Curve beyond the £5 reward, you will be able to take advantage of a variety of innovative functionalities and perks. There are 3 levels of membership, with even the basic free membership offering:

  1. 1% cashback at 3 chosen retailers for 90 days.

  2. Store multiple cards in your wallet, pay with Curve and change which card is charged for the purchase up to 3 months later.

  3. Assign back-up cards in Anti Embarrassment Mode, so you can pay without fear of declined payments.

  4. Add all your loyalty cards to your Curve account, and ditch the bulky wallet for good.

The Curve website has full details of each membership level.

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