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£20 Free With WorldRemit!

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What is WorldRemit?

WorldRemit is a website which offers low-cost international money transfers.

How do I get my reward?

Follow these simple instructions to get your hands on £20 free cash with WorldRemit:

  1. Sign up to WorldRemit using a referral link, or enter code REFERKF113AS1WBTQ under 'Got a referral code?' through their website, and verify your account as required.

  2. Select the destination for your desired transfer, which will be the country of the company you have created your IBAN with, i.e Belgium for Transferwise or Germany for Bitwala. If you do not have a personal IBAN already, you can find out how to create one in my PagoFX offer details post.

  3. Set up a transfer for £100, and use code '3FREE' to remove the £0.99 fee.

  4. Send the money to the WorldRemit account details provided, remembering to include the unique reference number to avoid any potential delays. Note: I had issues doing this through Monzo, so if there are payment issues, you should try another bank account in the first instance.

  5. You will receive various updates on your transfer via email (or you can monitor through the app). This should be completed within 48 hours, and a discount voucher code will follow immediately after transfer success confirmation.

  6. Set up another transfer to your IBAN, replacing the promo code with your new discount voucher. You will be required to pay a £0.99 fee on your £20 transfer.

  7. You can then withdraw your original £100 transfer, plus £20 bonus, back to your normal account, paying the required transfer fee. With Transferwise, this should be around 75p, leaving profits of over £18!

More details on the referral scheme can be found at the WorldRemit Refer a Friend FAQ, or below.

Does this really work?

Money transfers are my favourite offers: low effort and high profit. I already have a Transferwise account set up, so it was nice and simple to set up the £100 transfer and, although I originally had troubles sending the money via Monzo, I was able to use Nationwide instead. The transfer took around 6 hours to complete, and I received my £20 voucher code via email immediately following this. I set up another transfer, this time for £20, and applied my personal voucher code, with the transfer costing just £0.99 in fees.

Another 6 hours later, the additional £20 hit my Transferwise account succesfully, and I was able to withdraw both my initial deposit and bonus for £119.51 after fees. Including the £0.99 transfer fee, this left me with £18.50 profit!

Can I benefit from the referral scheme?

Absolutely! Once you have received your reward, you will receive an additional email with your own personal referral link to share with friends and family - there are no limits on the number of people you can refer!

For all currently available money making opportunities, visit the latest offers. Top referral links include:

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  2. Curve referral code, for £5 cashback on a £5 purchase

  3. Swissborg free bitcoin, for a bitcoin voucher worth up to €100

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